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Camela Training Center & Camela Services

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Camela Training Center & Camela Services

Camela Advanced Training may be conducted remotely, at your site, or on an exclusive basis at the Camela Training Center. The curriculum (selection of the training modules) developed by Camela Trainers and Consultants will be determined and customized based on consultation with you and your personnel.
Advanced Implementation Consulting

Unique environments often require more advanced implementation services to meet your organization's needs. These more advanced services ensure you that the solution can be effectively and efficiently utilized (guaranteeing the most rapid return-on-investment). The Consultant, working in conjunction with your staff, will conduct a review of your organization's environment and business processes to make recommendations on ways the Camela solution can provide the maximum benefit to your organization.
System Integration

Integration of Camela data with other applications is a necessity in today's environment. Data is shared between departments and applications on a regular basis. Camela Consultants are committed to working with your organization to ensure these integrations are done smoothly and efficiently.
Data Collection

Camela Consultants can collect your data, or should you desire, provide standard or custom data collection forms for you to gather your property, plant and equipment data. In addition, database tools can be designed to assist your organization in gathering the data to initialize the Camela database via the Camela iPortal.
Data Conversion

Camela Consultants can provide a full range of data conversion services that can allow a conversion of data from one database format to another. This will assist you in a more rapid implementation of the Camela solution by allowing your organization to have the ability to import the current data directly into the Camela database.
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