Curso de After Effects - Learn After Effects CS6

Learn After Effects CS6

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Video tutoriales de After Effects CS6.
Building Shape Layers
Understanding precomposing
Trimming and sliding edits
Positioning layers
Introducing the interface and the workspace
Exporting with the Adobe Media Encoder
Using compound effects
Slowing Motion, Freezing a Frame, and Reversing Ti...
Color keying
RAM and Disk Caching
Miscellaneous New and Changed Features
Using Fast Previews
Using Pro Import After Effects for Projects from O
Getting Started with After Effects CS6
What is After Effects?
Basic workflow and terminology
The Timeline
The Preview Panel
Composition and Layer Panels
Project and Flowchart Panels
What's New in After Effects CS6
Global performance cache
3D camera tracker
Ray-traced 3D, extruded text, and shapes
Converting Imported Vector Graphics from Illustrat...
Vector art footage-to-shape conversions (Illustrat...
Variable Mask Feathering Part 1
Variable Mask Feathering Part 2
New and updated effects
Enhanced performance
Optimizing for high performance
Rolling shutter repair
Layer bounding boxes and selection indicators
3D in After Effects CS6
Working in 3D
Introduction to Ray-traced 3D
3D bendable footage and composition layers
3D environment map
3D New material options
Advanced After Effects Workflows
Designing in 3D: Use After Effects CS6 to Elevate...
Maximum Power: Configuring Adobe CS6
Editing with RED & Adobe Premiere Pro: Edit up to...
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