ActionScript - Se busca programador Flash para BCN


Se busca programador Flash para BCN

Publicado por rrhhrec (1 intervención) el 22/07/2010 08:09:35
Nos ha entrado una oferta interesante que os paso por si a alguien le interesa. Es para Barcelona y buscan un programador Flash con experiencia para multinacional. El inglés es indispensable. Para más información e inscribirse:



3+ years web / interactive and/or rich media development experience.
• Strong Flash and ActionScript 2.0 skills. ActionScript 3 is a plus;
• Flash experience outside the browser (Flash Lite, Embedded Flash), ActionScript 2.0 and Flex
• Strong understanding and implementation of OOP concepts.
• Strong knowledge of JavaScript, xHTML, CSS, XML and W3C compliance standards. (PHP is a plus).
• Experience with streaming live video (RTMP, Sorensen, VP6)
* Experience with AMF, SOAP, RPC
• Experience integrating backend intensive structures into a Flash environment.
• Strong foundation in visual/interface design, motion graphics and UI design.
• Experience working with development team to execute creative solutions.
• Detailed and organized / Excellent communicator in English
• Enjoy working in a collaborative environment.
• Game development experience and/or strong sense of motion is a plus.
• Good web security knowledge (Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Input Validation)
• Proven experience parsing and displaying dynamic data (XML) in Flash
• Strong understanding of HTTP
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