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Busco consultores SAP

Publicado por Jose Giammarco (1 intervención) el 31/10/2005 18:38:21
Hola amigos del foro, para una empresa de IT estoy buscando consultores funcionales en SAP (todos los módulos); los candidatos deben estar certificados en SAP y enviar CV en inglés a
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RE:Busco consultores SAP

Publicado por carlos rossetti (1 intervención) el 16/03/2007 21:22:09
Carlos j. Rossetti
21 Victory Street, New Way II
Barcelona, Anzoategui State Venezuela
(011)582812751884 home
(011)584148200253 cell
Board Operator, ORIFUELS, SINOVENSA Venezuela Oct 2005-Present; description post: to control all process variables from control room.
-Building, pre commission and commission for ORIMULSION plant.
-Knowlodge about ORIMULSION process.
-Skill for work with FOXBORO system at control room, D.R.U, distillation recovery unit, tanks storage and ORIMULSION trains products.
Process Technician, ExxonMobil Venezuela Sept 1999-Sept 2005; description post to do task daily for pick up data about all equipment and devices.
Strong skills in the following:
-Teamwork-Working with contractors and supervisors in a courteous in a professional manner.
-knowledge of operations of automated process likes flow, pressure, temperance and levels system.
-Monitoring and Recording of tanks and vessels, oil/water interfaces and liquid and gas flow system.
-Analytical capabilities and mechanical aptitude working with: gas compressor, pumps systems, heathers, Coker drums, atmospherics tower, effluents and treatment water, oil desalted, steam generators, steam turbines, heat interchanges and pipeline system.
-Chemicals handle: caustic, acid sulfuric, antifoam, nitrogen, and amine.
-Computer experience in Microsoft word, excel, power point, lotus notes and inteletrac system.
-Voluntary fire man, fast response for any eventuality.
- Experience in building pre-commission and commission of delayed coquer units.
-Experience in safe start, shutdown and turnarounds of plants.
-Ability to work other than normal work hours and respond call outs.
-Experience in spill and leak control.
Field operator, Supermetanol C.A Venezuela, Jan 1994- Aug 1999; post description: to operate all equipment at field and to check a good function.
-Experience petrochemicals plants.
-Experience in laboratory tests.
-knowledge in distillations towers of methanol.
-Experience in building pre-commission and commission of methanol plant.
-Facilities services in water, air, steam and nitrogen.
-Tanks measures.
- Experience in storage and move of products, strainer cleaner, reformation heather, instrumentations, safety programs, read plains and isometrics.
- knowledge in daily reports, loading/unloading of chemicals trucks.
-Maintenance of place work clean, working under safety standers.
-Institute of Technologies Administrations University (I.U.T.A), Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela Aug 1997 : Technician Hygiene and Industrial Safety.
-Center of teaching petroleum (CEPET) Petroleos de Venezuela (PDVSA) Venezuela March 1992: Field operator.
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RE:Busco consultores SAP

Publicado por claudia (1 intervención) el 06/02/2008 19:36:01
hola estoy interesada en su propuesta me encuentro en la ciudad de queretaro estado de mexico. soy una mujer con muchas metas.
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