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Carlos José Fernández Murillo

Actualizado el 3 de Marzo del 2017
Asturias (España)
- PowerBuilder v6.5,v7,v8,v9,v10,v10.5,v11,v11.5
- Cobol
- Visual Basic
- .NET
- Unix

- Oracle
- Sybase
- SQLServer

Otros Skills:
- Project Manager
- Team Leader

Titulo de Experto programador de Videojuegos impartido por la UEM como parte del Master de Diseño y programacion de videojuegos

Worked with PowerBuilder, since version 6.5 to version 11.5,

Worked with PFC's and in the develop of our own ones.

Developed applications to connect directly to the database and in other projects connect with Cobol and later with the Oracle database.

Powerbuilder Consulting with the companys and worked directly with the costumer.

Project Manager to PowerBuilder projects.

Management team of differents developtment languages.

Technical Knowledge: - Powerbuilder - Unix - Autosys - C++ - VB - .Net - - COBOL - Java / Spring Application - Sybase SQL developtments for ASE 15. - IBML(FpML) Messages - Oracle - Oracle Forms - SQL Server

Tools: - Excel - Quality Center - Project - Reporting - Jira - Alacrity - Visio

Financial knowledge:

Future/Options Interest Rate Swaps (IRS) Credit Default Swaps (CDS)

Other: Team building