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Herberth Madrigal Bendless

Actualizado el 29 de Abril del 2014
San Jose (Costa Rica)
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Summary (updated in 2009-01-06)

Since I have been working in Software development. I've had the opportunity for developing from custom administrative solutions to very rich multimedia experiences.
Most of my experience is in Microsoft platforms, however my formation and skills let me work in more tools beyond Microsoft.

I have helped during the development of the administrative software for non-profit organizations such as UNED in Costa Rica. Also I have worked in finance systems in AdvanceMe as a Consultant from Galileo. In Schematic I've had the chance for working with really important clients from US, such as MTV Networks, HSN and Microsoft, with the most recent Microsoft Technology in the market.

Software development process (waterfall and agile)
Web development
Desktop development
Adoption of new technologies
Solving problems oriented.
.NET Framework, and related tools such as Visual Studio.