ASP.NET - errores en .net


errores en .net

Publicado por ely (3 intervenciones) el 12/11/2015 16:53:25
Buenas tardes necesito que me ayuden con estos errores por favor. Necesito saber como poder solucionar estos errores o algun link donde salgan.

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errores en .net

Publicado por elyzabeth (3 intervenciones) el 13/11/2015 14:20:51

An instance of an assembly-level type is not created by code in the assembly.
Avoid create unnecessary strings through a call to System.String.ToBajaer or System.String.ToUpper.
Avoid empty code blocks.
Consider converting the method into a property
Do not concatenate string values inside loops.
Do not encode large methods.
Do not encode methods with too many parameters.
Do not write in static fields from instance methods.
Illegal exception throw: Exceptions must be created in separate methods.
Initialize properties by using constructors.
Set properties by using constructors with parameters.
A method that only accesses class members should be marked as 'static'.
Avoid empty catch blocks.
Avoid non used private functions.
Class containing only static members should be declared sealed.
Initialize reference type static fields inline.
Method parameter not used.
A method has an excessive cyclomatic complexity.
A method performs duplicate casts on one of its arguments or local variables.
Comparison with empty string using 'Equals'.
Do not pass types by reference.
Execution of an action on a user behalf in a previously autenthicated web site (cross-site request forgery CSRF)
Specify CultureInfo.
Web content generation from improper sanitized input and escaped output (Cross-site Scripting XSS)
An externally visible type contains an externally visible type declaration.
Avoid functions and methods with too many lines of code
Avoid unused private fields.
Avoid using Console.WriteLine.
Collections classes names must end with the 'Collection' suffix.
Do not catch general exception types.
Do not ignore the returning value of methods.
Do not raise reserved exception types.
Duplicated code: small block
Set locale property for data types.
Specify StringComparison.
The fact that data from the system or debugging information can cause an attacker to gain information on how act for an attack on the system.
Unused local variable.
URI parameters should not be strings.
use strict prevents certain bad practices.
Using Console.Out or Console.Error rather than a dedicated log interface makes it more difficult to monitor the behavior of the software.
Maximum allowed number of methods.
Check parameters of externally visible methods.
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