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Publicado por Germán Gómez (13 intervenciones) el 14/06/2009 19:36:11
LabVIEW Freelance Developer.

I am a Telecommunication Engineer with 3 years of experience with LabVIEW and Ni Products. Actually I am living in Spain, but flying to other places is “No problem”.

I’ve done the following certifications and courses:

CPI (Certified Professional Instructor)
CLD (Certified LabVIEW Developer)
CLAD (Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer)
LabVIEW Advanced I
LabVIEW Intermidiate I and II
LabVIEW Basics I and II

I am considered a LabVIEW expert because:

I can make real readable, scalable, documented and maintainable applications in LabVIEW.
Guarantee time of project to be delivered with no risks (TimeToMarket!!).
Make proyects covering all proyect phases, since Specifications, Design, Implementation, Documentation, up to delivering the proyect.
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