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SQL Anywhere o ASA

Publicado por antonio (1130 intervenciones) el 27/08/2012 17:42:07
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Un gran saludo,

Intento poner una base de datos que solo pueda usar una sola maquina y un solo usuario, ero la base de datos ponerla en la misma maquina del usuario, pero lo que necesito es no instalar a SQL Anywhere o ASA porque seria muy compleja la instalación

¿ que archivos se requieren para el motor de la base de datos y que se pueda comunicar PB ?

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SQL Anywhere o ASA

Publicado por Leopoldo Taylhardat (708 intervenciones) el 06/09/2012 19:06:04
Del manual de sql anywhere...

You can deploy a database server by making the SQL Anywhere Studio Setup program available to your end-users. By selecting the proper option, each end-user is guaranteed of getting the files they need.
In order to run a database server, you need to install a set of files. The files are listed in the following table. They should be installed in a single directory unless indicated with an asterisk. All redistribution of these files is governed by the terms of your license agreement. You must confirm whether you have the right to redistribute the database server files before doing so.
32-bit Windows Windows 3.x UNIX NetWare
dbeng6.exe dbeng6w.exe dbeng6
dbsrv6.exe N/A dbsrv6 dbsrv6.nlm
dbserv6.dll dbserv6w.dll libdbtspt6.sol
dbpars6.dll libdbpars6.so
dbwstr6.dll dbwstr6w.dll libdbwstr6.so
dblgen6.dll dblgen6w.dll dblgen6.res dblgen6.res
dbjava6.dll (1) dbjava6.dll (1) libdbjava6.so (1) dbjava6.nlm (1)
dbextf6.dll (2) dbextf6w.dll (2) dbextf6.nlm (2)
asajdbc.zip (1,3) asajdbc.zip (1,3) asajdbc.zip (1,3) asajdbc.zip (1,3)
classes.zip (1,3) classes.zip (1,3) classes.zip (1,3) classes.zip (1,3)
1 Required only if using Java in the database.
2 Required only if using system extended stored procedures and functions (xp_).
3 Install such that the CLASSPATH environment variable can locate classes in this file.


· Depending on your situation, you should choose whether to deploy the personal database server (dbeng6) or the network database server (dbsrv6).
· The Java DLL (dbjava6.dll) is required only if the database server is to use the Java in the Database functionality.
· The table does not include files needed to run utility command-line applications such as dbbackup.

For information about deploying database utilities, see Deploying database utilities and Interactive SQL.

· The zip files are required only for applications that use Java in the database, and must be installed into a location so that they can be located in the user's CLASSPATH environment variable.
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