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Beta de PB 11.5

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PowerBuilder 11.5 Feature Description
The following major features are provided in PowerBuilder 11.5 beta for developers’
testing. This document is intended to provide a high level of description. The details are
provided in “New Features in PowerBuilder 11.5” of PowerBuilder help document.
1. DataWindow enhancements
2. Native driver for Oracle 11g
3. Native driver for Microsoft SQL Server 2008
4. Language interoperability enhancements
5. Compatibility with .NET CAS model
6. Support for native IIS 7 on Windows Vista
7. Support for strong named assemblies
8. Support .PNG file format
9. Transaction object enhancement
10. Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) Compliance
1. DataWindow enhancements
New 3D Graph (Control & DW) Styles
The following five new styles are introduced
1. Pie
2. Column
3. Bar
4. 3D Line
5. Area
They are hardware-accelerated versions of the 5 existing Graph styles with better 3D look
– especially lighting and layout. Transparency is introduced and can be controlled up to
the data item level. This can be used as a way to highlight certain data items. This is not
supported for Web Forms because it is hardware-resource intensive.
Most DataWindow objects have translucency and gradient properties and also a
combination of the two. This includes both the foreground and the background. They are
expression enabled. Excluded will be OLE and Ink.
DataWindow band background properties support translucency and gradients and also a
combination of the two. They will be expression enabled. The (entire) DW background
supports gradients.
Different styles of gradients are supported e.g. horizontal, angular, repeating. The style is
expression enabled. The gradient colors may be translucent.
Images support translucency but not gradients.
DW objects have a tooltip property and can display the tooltip automatically at runtime.
RichText Column
This allows user to edit columns with more than one font and color in the same column.
The translucency and gradients, Tooltips and RichText Column are not applicable to
RichText and OLE DW processing styles. Theses are also not applicable to Web Forms
2. Native driver for Oracle 11g
A native driver for Oracle 11g is introduced to support the following features.
• New OCI client functions and attributes, e.g., OCIArrayDescriptorAlloc(),
• Connection pooling and session pooling
• Implicit Fetching of ROWIDs with SELECT ... FOR UPDATE statement
• Client Result Cache
3. Native driver for Microsoft SQL Server 2008
A native driver for Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is introduced to support the following
• New data types, i.e., Date, Time, DateTime2.
• FILESTREAM data type that allows large binary data to be stored directly in an
NTFS file system.
• New CLR data type support: HierarchyId, Geometry, Geography
• New SQL statements, e.g., MERGE Statement and GROUPING SETS.
4. Language interoperability enhancements
PowerBuilder 11.5 includes support for functions that you call on .NET primitive and
enumerated types in .NET targets.
PowerBuilder 11.5 allows you use instance references to access static members of .NET
5. Compatibility with .NET CAS model
The .NET Framework provides a security mechanism called Code Access Security
(CAS). Code access security allows code to be trusted to varying degrees depending on
where the code originates and on other aspects of the code's identity. It enforces the
varying levels of trust on code, which minimizes the amount of code that must be fully
trusted in order to run.
The PowerBuilder .NET application can run with limited security permissions, like
"Intranet", and PowerBuilder 11.5 also allows you to configure your security zones for
your PowerBuilder .NET application.
6. Support for native IIS 7 on Windows Vista
This allows developer to use the native deployment technology of IIS 7 on Windows
Vista and thus remove the dependency on the IIS 6 compatibility plug-in.
7. Support for Strong named assemblies
This allows you to include their own assembly identity and public key to build strong
named PowerBuilder .NET assemblies for your .NET application.
8. Support .PNG file format
The .PNG file format is supported for displaying “.PNG” (Portable Network Graphics)
image files in the UI controls that support images. These controls include menus,
toolbars, treeviews, listviews, picture controls, picture buttons, picture hyperlinks,
dropdownpicturelistbox, tab controls, InkPicture and DataWindow..
9. Transaction object enhancement
DBError and SQLPreview events for the transaction object are introduced to allow
developers to trigger these events at appropriate time and place. They behave in the same
way as those events on the DataWindow control.
10. Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) Compliance
The Federal Desktop Core Configuration (FDCC) is a security standard mandated by the
US Office of Management and Budget (OMB). User is restricted to work only in a
standard user context without elevated system administration privileges.
PowerBuilder 11.5 and the applications that you develop with PowerBuilder are designed
to be run in a standard user context, for normal operation of the product.

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