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Publicado por Andrea (1 intervención) el 25/05/2012 13:22:44
Se ofrece puesto de trabajo entre Espana e Irlanda, por lo que se exige un buen nivel de ingles.
Contacten por email para mas info.

General Requirements:

Certified Ruby Programmer (RY0-100,
5+ years experience with Ruby programming language
5+ years experience with Ruby on Rails framework
Knowledge of web application stack (HTTP, Front-End techniques)
Knowledge of Linux/Unix OS

Technical Requirements:

Ruby Language knowledge
Good understanding of Ruby OO model
Familiar with ruby profiling methodology
Knowledge of language environment (rubygems, bundler)
Knowledge of testing frameworks (Test::Unit, Mini::Test)
Ruby on Rails framework
Good understanding of framework components and internal structure
Experience in Ruby on Rails project deployment in different environments
Good understanding of Test Driven Development approach
Experience in plugin development
Knowledge of asset pipe technology
Experience in application of alternate ORM for Rails framework (mongoid)
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