SAP - It is possible to save 0 data from BW to BPC


It is possible to save 0 data from BW to BPC

Publicado por Jesús (1 intervención) el 06/04/2016 16:53:07
Hi, I have a problem, I need to see the 0 data in the report. In the cube BW this data exist but when I do the proccess to load the data from BW to BPC all datas come except the acumulate 0.

I need to see this value acumulate 0.

For example:


BW (BW.png)

for the entity ES09, time 08.2015 I have the value acumulate 0 for the account 0041090005.

This value in the model BPC when I do the load package (bring data from BW to BPC) don`t appear because don´t bring the 0 value.

BPC (BPC.png)

And in the report this value acumulate for this account don`t appear (In the "Flujo 999 Salo de cierre") and all others data appear.

2 (2.png)

Any help?


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