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ayuda con programa VB renombrar

Publicado por CAMNX (1 intervención) el 30/08/2011 15:11:01
Hola a tod@s,

No soy programador en ningún lenguaje. Lo que busco es retocar este código para que me renombre las operaciones con un contador. Por ejemplo operacion_1, operacion_2, operacion_3 etc.
Una vez selecionadas las tres operaciones y ejecutando el programa VB, que este programa renombre con contadores las operaciones anteriores.

Aquí subo el programa,

' ===========================================================================

' This program will rename operations selected in the ONT by replacing
' one string with another.
' This can be used as a boiler plate to set other tool parameters.
' ============================================================================'=============================================================================

Option Strict Off
Imports System
Imports System.IO
Imports System.Windows.Forms
Imports NXOpen
Imports NXOpen.CAM
Imports NXOpen.UF
Imports NXOpen.Utilities

Module RenameCAMops

Dim theSession As Session
Dim theUfSession As UFSession
Dim FindString As String = ""
Dim ReplaceString As String = ""

Sub Main()

theSession = Session.GetSession()
theUfSession = UFSession.GetUFSession()
Dim WorkPart As Part = theSession.Parts.Work

Dim setupTag As Tag
Dim selectedTags() As NXOpen.Tag
Dim selectedCount As Integer


' If there is a setup only then we go further
If setupTag <> 0 Then
' Get the selected nodes from the Operation Navigator
theUfSession.UiOnt.AskSelectedNodes(selectedCount, selectedTags)

If selectedCount = 0 Then
MsgBox("No operations selected.", MsgBoxStyle.Exclamation, "Rename Operations")
Exit Sub
End If

'Get user input for search and replace text
'Get the old string
FindString = InputBox("Find what:", "Rename operations")
'Abort if no search text was specified.
If FindString = "" Then
MsgBox("Rename operation aborted!", MsgBoxStyle.Exclamation, "Rename Operations")
Exit Sub
End If
' All uppercase
FindString = ucase(FindString)

' Get the new string
ReplaceString = InputBox("Replace '" & FindString & "' with:", "Rename Operations")

'Write info to info screen
theSession.ListingWindow.WriteLine("Replacing '" & FindString & "' with '" & ReplaceString & "'")
theSession.ListingWindow.WriteLine("The following Operations were renamed:")
'theSession.ListingWindow.WriteLine(" ")

Dim ptr As IntPtr = New System.IntPtr
Dim cycle_cb_fn As UFNcgroup.CycleCbFT = New UFNcgroup.CycleCbFT(AddressOf cycle_cb)

Dim i As Integer
'Loop over the selected nodes to take action
For i = 0 To selectedCount - 1
' The selected item needs to be checked to take action
' Now if the selected item is a Group object then we need to cycle objects inside it
theUfSession.Ncgroup.CycleMembers(selectedTags(i), cycle_cb_fn, ptr)
Next i
theSession.ListingWindow.WriteLine("=========================== DONE ================================")
End If

End Sub

Function cycle_cb(ByVal camObjectTag As Tag, ByVal ptr As IntPtr) As Boolean

Dim answer As Boolean
' Every item needs to be checked to take action
answer = action(camObjectTag)
Return answer

End Function

Function action(ByVal camObjectTag As Tag) As Boolean

Dim camObject As NXObject = NXObjectManager.Get(camObjectTag)

'Check if the object is a Operation
If TypeOf camObject Is CAM.Operation Then
'Get the current operation name
Dim CurrentName As String = camObject.Name()
'Replace the name section
Dim NewName As String = Replace(CurrentName, FindString, ReplaceString)
If NewName <> CurrentName Then
'theSession.ListingWindow.WriteLine("Renamed: " & CurrentName & " to " & NewName)
theSession.ListingWindow.WriteLine(CurrentName & " --> " & NewName)
'theSession.ListingWindow.WriteLine(" ")
'Check if new name does not exceed 30 characters
Dim Lengte As Integer = NewName.Length
If Lengte > 30 Then
theSession.ListingWindow.WriteLine("*** ERROR *** Operation name more than 30 characters. Operation " & CurrentName & " NOT renamed!")
theSession.ListingWindow.WriteLine(" ")
GoTo renamed
End If
'Rename the current operation
End If
End If
Return True
End Function

End Module
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