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UltraGrid Infragistisc

Publicado por p@vr1 (71 intervenciones) el 08/11/2005 20:38:01
Hi, I'm trying to display an object data in an Infragistics UltraGrid Control (C#) by DataSourse property. And By now I Display it, but there's some attributes in that object I wouldn't like to display, or I don't want the user to see... but I have no idea about how to do so, can anyone help me out pls...???

this.grid.DataSourse; = arrObjects //Objects ArrayList
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RE:UltraGrid Infragistisc

Publicado por Other anonymous (1 intervención) el 08/11/2005 22:49:11
I notices to the first sight that you are a wretched jackass.

It is a simple enough idiot. Only it conceals the columns that you do not wish that should be seen. Ignorant dirt.

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