Google amenaza con despedir a sus trabajadores no vacunados

Google amenaza con despedir a sus trabajadores no vacunados
La tecnológica Google ha informado a sus empleados de que, en caso de no vacunarse, podrían perder el sueldo, y llegado el momento, ser despedidos. Lo ha hecho a través de un documento enviado a sus más de 150.000 empleados en el que solicita que compartan su estado de vacunación mostrando pruebas.

La compañía ha explicado que aquellos empleados que no cumplan con las normas de vacunación de la empresa pasado el próximo 18 de enero recibirán una licencia administrativa pagada durante 30 días. Tras esto, pasarían a perder el sueldo durante los seis meses posteriores y una vez cumplido este tiempo, serían despedidos.

Los responsable de la compañía han asegurado que "Creemos firmemente que nuestros requisitos de vacunación son una de las formas más importantes de mantener la seguridad de nuestra plantilla y el funcionamiento de nuestros servicios. Nos comprometemos a hacer todo lo posible para ayudar a nuestros empleados a que puedan vacunarse". Añaden que "Cualquier persona que ingrese a un edificio de Google debe estar completamente vacunada o tener un alojamiento aprobado que le permita trabajar o venir a las instalaciones".

El plan de la compañía no ha sido aceptada de buen grado por parte de la plantilla. Algunos de sus trabajadores han firmado un manifiesto en el que se oponen a las nuevas directrices de la empresa.

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21 de Abril del 2022
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A growth investor considers the prospects of the industry in which the stock thrives. You may ask, for example, if there’s a future for electric vehicles before investing in Tesla. Or, you may wonder if A.I. will become a fixture of everyday living before investing in a technology company. There must be evidence of a widespread and robust appetite for the company's services or products if it’s going to grow. Investors can answer this question by looking at a company's recent history. Simply put: A growth stock should be growing. The company should have a consistent trend of strong earnings and revenue signifying a capacity to deliver on growth expectations.
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As the research above indicates, value investing tends to outperform growth investing over the long-term. These findings don’t mean a growth investor can't profit from the strategy, it merely means a growth strategy doesn’t usually generate the level of returns seen with value investing. But according to a study from New York University’s Stern School of Business, “While growth investing underperforms value investing, especially over long time periods, it is also true that there are sub-periods, where growth investing dominates.”5 The challenge, of course, is determining when these “sub-periods” will occur.
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Growth Investing Variables
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While there is no definitive list of hard metrics to guide a growth strategy, there are a few factors an investor should consider. Research from Merrill Lynch, for example, found that growth stocks outperform during periods of falling interest rates. It's important to keep in mind that at the first sign of a downturn in the economy, growth stocks are often the first to get hit
Forex trading Signals
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GoPro is a prime example of this phenomenon. The once high-flying stock has seen regular annual revenue declines since 2015. “In the months following its debut, shares more than tripled the IPO price of $24 to as much as $87,” the Wall Street Journal reported.7 The stock has traded well below its IPO price. Much of this demise is attributed to the easily replicated design. After all, GoPro is, at its core, a small camera in a box. The rising popularity and quality of smartphone cameras offer a cheap alternative to paying $400 to $600 for what is essentially a one-function piece of equipment. Moreover, the company has been unsuccessful at designing and releasing new products which is a necessary step to sustaining growth—something growth investors must consider.

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