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O2Corba User Manual

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This manual is for programmers who want to write Object Management Group (OMG) CORBA-compliant applications using the O2 object database. The manual introduces O 2Corba technology and describes how to generate interface definition language (IDL) files from O2 classes. It also explains how to use the Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) services O2Corba provides. We assume in this manual that the reader is familiar with CORBA technology and with Object Database Management Group (ODMG) C++ binding. This manual should be used in conjunction with the ODMG C++ Reference Manual, which contains the full list of O2 C++ interface options.
1 - Introduction
2 - Installation
3 - Building an O2Corba Server
4 - Programming
5 - Example of an O2Corba Application on top of Orbix
6 - Example of an O2Corba Application on top of Chorus ORB
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