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The Django Book

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Documentación correspondiente al libro de Django versión 2.0
About this book
Chapter 1: Introduction to Django
Chapter 2: Getting Started
Chapter 3: Views and URLconfs
Chapter 4: Templates
Chapter 5: Models
Chapter 6: The Django Admin Site
Chapter 7: Forms
Chapter 8: Advanced Views and URLconfs
Chapter 9: Advanced Templates
Chapter 10: Advanced Models
Chapter 11: Generic Views
Chapter 12: Deploying Django
Chapter 13: Generating Non-HTML Content
Chapter 14: Sessions, Users, and Registration
Chapter 15: Caching
Chapter 16: django.contrib
Chapter 17: Middleware
Chapter 18: Integrating with Legacy Databases and Applications
Chapter 19: Internationalization
Chapter 20: Security
Appendix A: Model Definition Reference
Appendix B: Database API Reference
Appendix C: Generic View Reference
Appendix D: Settings
Appendix E: Built-in Template Tags and Filters
Appendix F: The django-admin Utility
Appendix G: Request and Response Objects
License & Copyright
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