Curso de Flex - Lexical Analysis With Flex, for Flex 2.5.37


Lexical Analysis With Flex, for Flex 2.5.37

Autor:Forma parte de Flex
Completo manual de Flex para la versión 2.4. Dividido en:
1 Copyright
2 Reporting Bugs
3 Introduction
4 Some Simple Examples
5 Format of the Input File
5.1 Format of the Definitions Section
5.2 Format of the Rules Section
5.3 Format of the User Code Section
5.4 Comments in the Input
6 Patterns
7 How the Input Is Matched
8 Actions
9 The Generated Scanner
10 Start Conditions
11 Multiple Input Buffers
12 End-of-File Rules
13 Miscellaneous Macros
14 Values Available To the User
15 Interfacing with Yacc
16 Scanner Options
16.1 Options for Specifying Filenames
16.2 Options Affecting Scanner Behavior
16.3 Code-Level And API Options
16.4 Options for Scanner Speed and Size
16.5 Debugging Options
16.6 Miscellaneous Options
17 Performance Considerations
18 Generating C++ Scanners
19 Reentrant C Scanners
19.1 Uses for Reentrant Scanners
19.2 An Overview of the Reentrant API
19.3 Reentrant Example
19.4 The Reentrant API in Detail
19.4.1 Declaring a Scanner As Reentrant
19.4.2 The Extra Argument
19.4.3 Global Variables Replaced By Macros
19.4.4 Init and Destroy Functions
19.4.5 Accessing Variables with Reentrant Scanners
19.4.6 Extra Data
19.4.7 About yyscan_t
19.5 Functions and Macros Available in Reentrant C Scanners
20 Incompatibilities with Lex and Posix
21 Memory Management
21.1 The Default Memory Management
21.2 Overriding The Default Memory Management
21.3 A Note About yytext And Memory
22 Serialized Tables
22.1 Creating Serialized Tables
22.2 Loading and Unloading Serialized Tables
22.3 Tables File Format
23 Diagnostics
24 Limitations
25 Additional Reading
Appendix A Appendices
A.1 Makefiles and Flex
A.2 C Scanners with Bison Parsers
A.3 M4 Dependency
A.4 Common Patterns
A.4.1 Numbers
A.4.2 Identifiers
A.4.3 Quoted Constructs
A.4.4 Addresses
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