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KDevelop User Manual

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Manual del usuario oficial de KDevelop realizado por Bernd Gehrmann, Caleb Tennis, Bernd Pol y Volker Paul. En formato pdf. Contiene 223 páginas.
1 What This Manual Contains
2 Getting Started with KDevelop — a Guided Tour
3 Overview of KDevelop Features
4 Configuring KDevelop
5 Getting Started — the Application Wizard
6 Editing Tools
7 The File Browsers
8 The Class Browsers
9 Documentation
10 Building and Project Management
11 Advanced Build Management
12 The Debugger Interface
13 Using CVS
14 Credits
A Installing KDevelop
B In a Nutshell — Tips and Tricks
C Development on UNIX
D Configuration Files Used by KDevelop
E Plugin Tools
F KDevelop User Interface Mode Examples
G Command Reference
H Further Information
I Changes
J Bibliography
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