Curso de SEO - SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2013


SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2013

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Interesante manual que repasa las últimas tendencias en cuanto a SEO. Incluye vídeos explicativos de las secciones.
What is SEO?
1. Keyword Research
2. Page Title Tag Best Practice
3. Meta Keywords Best Practice
4. Meta Description
5. Google SEO: Robots Meta Tag
6. H1-H6: Headers
7. Google SEO: How Many Words & Keywords?
8. Keyword Density?
9. Internal Links To Relevant Pages
10. Link Out To Related Sites
11. Redirect Non WWW To WWW
12. Alt Tags
13. Search Engine Friendly URLs (SEF)
14. Keywords In Bold Or Italic
15. Which Is Best? Absolute Or Relative URLS
16. Which Is Best For Google – Subfolders or Files?
17. Which Is Better For Google? PHP, HTML or ASP?
18. Does W3C Valid HTML / CSS Help SEO?
19. 301 Old Pages
20. Penalty For Duplicate Content On-Site?
21. Broken Links Are A Waste Of Link Power
22. Do I Need A Google XML Sitemap For My Website?
23. Does Only The First Link Count In Google?
24. Canonical Tag – Canonical Link Element Best Practice
25. How To Implement Google Authorship Markup – What is Rel Author & Rel Me?
26. Rich SnippetsWhat Not To Do In Search Engine Optimisation
27. …and that’s all for now.
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