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Publicado el 13 de Febrero del 2016 por Erith Eduardo
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The Programming Good Site is a Web Site programmed for share programming code, but additional it has a lot of useful characteristics that you have to discover yourself. Its code was not programmed for to be understood. On the contrary if you tray to extend the functionalities or to see how is make you will find a lot of code imbibe inside the HTML code and difficult to trace from one library to another. That’s precisely the intention of the programmer to make almost impossible to understand the code, but if you want to use it, you can do it without too much study. It’s can become in a great tool for a lot of persons around the world making the study of the programming code more comfortable and the search of some particular unit of code better using its particular search engine. The programmer of this Site expects that many persons can use it for good, and aggregate better codes to the programming world.


It's necessary the libraries mycrypt, gd, zip and mysql with php.


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