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List of Fixes in Visual FoxPro 9.0 Service Pack 2

Publicado por Ernesto Hernandez (4632 intervenciones) el 13/10/2007 05:07:49
OWC11.Spreadsheet.11 cannot be inserted onto a form.
VFP9: Clearing class that is also used in another container class can lead to product instability
VFP8: Classes - Fatal exception closing Class Designer if focus is on grid column contained in toolbar container
CRASH: removeproperty of a binded property
_VFP.ServerName (or Application.ServerName, respectively) is empty if the full path and file name of the EXE/DLL/MT-DLL exceeds 128 characters.
PictureVal not accepting PNG images
windowsType property automatic change on focus with desktop=.t.
VFP 9.0 [DTS] - Using TRY - CATCH to capture unhandled exception errors and close curently open form does hapen because the combo box's Valid Event won't release from memory.
Selecting Code from the Right-Click of a Control
VFP8: DataEnvironment doesn't release object stored in DataSource property.
VFP8: Form - Close button and "CLOSE" control box menu item are not refershing properly on top-level form when modal "child" forms run
VFP8: Form - Dangling reference caused by use of ISBLANK() and THIS.PARENT prevents closure of a form in 8 and 9. No problem in 6 or 7.
VFP9: Form - ObjToClient() returns position relative to container in form Activate
VFP7: Form - Hang after alt+tab to scrollable toplevel form from modal in-screen desktop form after combo opened in toplevel form
With a spinner or a combobox the form can become unmanageable
VFP8: Form - Private DataSession of form get orhpaned. Leads to buffer overflow
Controlbox of forms do not draw correct whenTHIS.BorderStyle = 2 && Fixed dialog
Closing form with tooltips crashes
VFP8: Grid - C05 calling REFRESH() of grid with active index on MEMO field created with PADR()
VFP7: C5 is thrown when Grid's RecordSource is closed in BeforeRowColChange/AfterRowColChange (VFP should be started from the debugger)
VFP9 - Grid - "INDEX internal consistency error." on GRID with _SCREEN.ShowTips = .T. No crash in VFP8, or in 9 if you turn off the memo tips.
VFP9: Grid - Memo tips do not refresh as well as they do in a standard BROWSE window as you move your mouse.
VFP7: Custom MousePointer not working for controls in grid
VFP doesn't display some BMP files, but other programs (e. g. MSPAINT) do
VFP9: Listbox - Fatal exception closing tables which are listbox rowsources
VFP9: Crash on GetObject on Vista
*_ACCESS()/*_ASSIGN() prevents Olecontrol's properties from changes in design-time and appears a reason for some other design-time errors
VFP: DllOleInit function does not return actual HR failure code. It returns S_FALSE which can not be caught by regsvr32.exe.
Mouse events fail after OLE drag and drop
VFP9: ReportListener AdjustObjectSize returns inaccurate Top and MaxHeightAvailable for objects in Page Footers
VFP8: Textbox - Decimal portion of numeric value reset to 0 when TextBox with Alignment = 0 or 2 and ReadOnly = .T. loses focus
Textbox.Format F with some fonts can set the alignment to Left
Autocomplete doesn't work on textbox in toolbar
VFP8: CursorAdapter.Flags property is read-only
CursorAdapter (ADO) - FCOUNT() returns incorrect value when Recordset supports Bookmarks.
Allow to change XMLName property even when XMLTable/XMLField object is a member of Tables/Fields collection.
XMLTable.ToCursor method can not load data for table that contained Chinese name of Field (Simplified Chinese Windows)
Index Error in the Component Gallery

VFP9: Access violation getting Accessible object name
VFP9: IAccessible empty grid value returns invalid data
Problems with ComAttrib Type Library types and TlbImport in .NET
VFP9: intellisense for .NET obj doesn't show unless instantiated
VFP9: CVConvertVariantToCType converts UI4 to UI2
CREATEOBJECTEX/GETINTERFACE do not fail for an interface from another class, but calls go to the original class
VFP9: sys(3097) of non-com object causes crash
Error in tlb if there is a space after line continuation ; in procedure definition of a COM server

VFP7: SPT passes NULL values as char, might cause type mismatch error for certain data types (affects CursorAdapter as well).
VFP6: SPT removes "!" following parameter name, which replaces != with = comparison.
VFP7: Unable to use a string which is greater than 254 characters in length with SQLStringConnect
VFP7 SPT: Unexpected "Type conversion is not supported for output parameters." error trying to pass NULL variable of Date/DateTime type as an output parameter for an SP
VFP9 SP2: Unexpected error trying to pass "untyped" NULL value to an SP
VFP7: Left part of comparison is used for Rushmore optimization even when it doesn't reference the table (wrong result might be returned).
VFP8: Engine - Fatal exception resizing browse window when filter UDF has a local variable declared
VFP9: DROP TABLE fails to remove table record from database if DBF does not exist
VFP7: Result of ISNULL(), EMPTY() functions is treated as nullable (affects BINARY indexes in VFP9).
VFP7: Index on ISNULL() isn't used for optimization by SQL engine.
VFP6: Engine - SQLCOLUMNS() fails with "Function sequence error" when called twice against asynchronous connection
VFP9: INDEX ON for view does not create CDX after DELETE TAG ALL
VFP6: A table doesn't match DBC when ALTER TABLE adds 99 fields and fields' names are longer than 10 characters.
VFP6: Internal Consistency Error (ICE) after closing BROWSE for a table with very long field names.
VFP7: Null propagation for Double type doesn't work for arithmetic operations.
VFP7: VFP allows to create structural CDX for a table opened in shared mode, which may cause header corruption.
VFP9 DEBUG BUILD: Crash after doing rollback in form's private DataSession after the form is closed.
VFP9: Unexpected “File is not open” error reported by INDEX ON command after DELETE TAG ALL for a structural CDX on a View.
VFP7: Functions from T_FUNCTION3 bucket can cause C5 when VFP tries to determine return type for expression.
VFP7: Engine - Fatal exception with LOCATE using LIKE with long 2nd expression
VFP9: buffer overrun in ExtractsubExp
DCR: Engine - Make larger read size configurable for better network performance
VFP7: Index matching code fails to match UDF calls due to "possibly passed by ref" tag.
VFP8: It is possible to force update of an AUTOINC field in appended record.
VFP9: Engine - CreateOffline() returns .F. with error "View definition has changed" if view references table with long field name
VFP8: Engine - C++ runtime library buffer overrun with CALCULATE SUM()
VFP9: SET RELATION behaves incorrectly when it is based on VARCHAR index.
Record is out of range - Select with LEFT join
FoxPro: Filtered Index Command dies at certain for-clause length
It is possible to create structural index for a table opened in read-only mode, but it is not opened next time the table is opened.
VFP8: OLE DB Provider - Use of underscore system variables (_SCREEN for instance) generate "too many variables" error message in OLE DB provider
VFP8: OLE DB Provider - PLEASE update "Select directory containing free tables" dialog opened by selecting Free Tables and clicking BROWSE when designing a UDL with VFP Provider
VFP8: OLE DB Provider - Bogus error message displayed by Data Link Properties dialog when configuring a UDL to a non-existant DBC using provider.
DCR - VFP8: OLEDB Provider - Provider should read CODEPAGE = from config.fpw
DCR: VFP OLEDB Provider - Need a way to configure SET DELETED in connection or via language
VFP8: OLEDB Provider - Cannot adjust records in table via provider if parent DBC/DCX/DCT is marked ReadOnly. No problem against same files from VFP IDE.
AV in vfpoledb.dll!CSchema_Proc::Execute
VFPOLEDB: Long binary value (Blob) passed from ADO.NET is changed to a NULL value on VFPOLEDB side.
Missing PUSHJMP/POPJMP around TBSetBufferMode call in CvfpoledbRowset::InitFromFoxCursor.

VFP9: Debugger: ToolTip for character variable in the TRACE window no longer has quotes around the value. Did in previous VFP versions.
VFP 9.0 SP 1 - When running a FoxPro context (shortcut) menu in Vista, submenus popup to the left of menu instead of to the right.
VFP8: Report Designer - Group headers will not print on a page where the group footer is continued from the previous page if a page break occurs in the middle of group footer
VFP9: Variable VPOS is not found when modifying field of report with SET COMPATIBLE on
VFP9: Report Designer - Memory leak modifying or previewing report with items marked as protected
VFP7: MODI STRU (readonly) does not display nullable status
VFP8: View Designer fails to parse '{oj ...}' ODBC escape sequence when STRICTDATE is set to 0.
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