Curso de Postfix - Postfix. The Definitive Guide


Postfix. The Definitive Guide

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Guía definitiva de Postfix. En formato pdf. Contiene 394 páginas.
Chapter 1. Introduction
Chapter 2. Prerequisites
Chapter 3. Postfix Architecture
Chapter 4. General Configuration and Administration
Chapter 5. Queue Management
Chapter 6. Email and DNS
Chapter 7. Local Delivery and POP/IMAP
Chapter 8. Hosting Multiple Domains
Chapter 9. Mail Relaying
Chapter 10. Mailing Lists
Chapter 11. Blocking Unsolicited Bulk Email
Chapter 12. SASL Authentication
Chapter 13. Transport Layer Security
Chapter 14. Content Filtering
Chapter 15. External Databases
Appendix A. Configuration Parameters
Appendix B. Postfix Commands
Appendix C. Compiling and Installing Postfix
Appendix D. Frequently Asked Questions
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