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Linux Device Drivers

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Publicación del libro Linux Device Drivers, segunda edición en formato pdf. Dividido en 16 capítulos, cada uno en pdf: Preface, Chapter 1: An Introduction to Device Drivers, Chapter 2: Building and Running Modules, Chapter 3: Char Drivers, Chapter 4: Debugging Techniques, Chapter 5: Enhanced Char Driver Operations, Chapter 6: Flow of Time, Chapter 7: Getting Hold of Memory, Chapter 8: Hardware Management, Chapter 9: Interrupt Handling, Chapter 10: Judicious Use of Data Types, Chapter 11: kmod and Advanced Modularization, Chapter 12: Loading Block Drivers, Chapter 13: mmap and DMA, Chapter 14: Network Drivers, Chapter 15: Overview of Peripheral Buses, Chapter 16: Physical Layout of the Kernel Source, Bibliography.
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