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Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Newark, NJ
There are great [url=NJ]seafood restaurant Newark, NJ[/url] despite it is not a coastal city. For those who enjoy seafood, Newark provides a wide range of dining options. This ranges from sophisticated eateries to laid-back seafood joints. This article discusses the top 5 seafood places in Newark, NJ. Thus, it’ll not be difficult for you to find the top seafood near me eatery in the city anymore.
Red Crab Juicy Seafood Restaurant and Bar
The best option if you're searching for the best seafood boil is Red Crab Juicy Seafood. The reason for this is that Red Crab consistently delivers outstanding dining experiences to their patrons. In the US, Red Crab stands as the top seafood chain. Both locals and tourists enjoy eating at this restaurant. What is even better is that it is more than just a restaurant. There is an entire vibe to it. It's because Red Crab only promotes positive energy and joy. Even Restaurant Guru suggests it as a must-visit seafood boil restaurant Newark, NJ. Now let's explore the motives behind coming here.
The Effort Behind Success
Before Red Crab made its debut, the chefs tried out many different spice combinations. When they achieved the perfect, delicious flavor, they made their debut. Their first location was in Florida. When people came from far distances to visit Red Crab, they expanded across the US. The Midwest and East Coast have a large number of locations of Red Crab. Newark, New Jersey, is home to one of them.
Location in Newark, New Jersey
The address of Red Crab is 287 Ferry St, Newark, NJ 07105. This eatery is close to several shops and attractions on a busy street. Using public transportation, you can easily visit this place.
Broad Menu
The Cajun seafood menu at Red Crab is quite extensive. It has a wide assortment of dishes. Such as Cajun crab, fries, and Cajun seafood boil.
Delicious Recipes on the Menu
First on the menu are the appetizers. They offer fried cheese sticks, onion rings, fried calamari, hushpuppies, and other appetizers. Second, if you wish Po'boys, they have a separate section for them. You could have a shrimp Po'boy, a fish Po'boy, a crab Po'boy, and many more. Additionally, Red Crab looks out for those who don't eat seafood. They provide chicken Po'boys, wings, burgers, and other foods for them.
Seafood Boil
When it comes to the seafood boil, then it is a Red Crab specialty. It's because the Red Crab's founders love to eat seafood boil. Consequently, they became experts in it. The chefs here make it with veggies, eggs, sausages, spices, and herbs in addition to fresh seafood. Furthermore, the seafood boil at this restaurant is customizable. You are free to adjust it the way you want. To prepare it, you need to follow the below three steps.
Choose your catch first. Red Crab's menu features a wide variety of seafood options. Like clams, crawfish, lobsters, shrimp, and various kinds of crabs and mussels, and others. The second step is to add the sauce of your choice. Red Crab has four distinct sauce selections. These include the signature sauce of Red Crab, Cajun, garlic butter, and lemon pepper. Finally, select your spice level. The chefs will then prepare it for you to absolute perfection. And there you are. Indulge in a flavorful and exquisite seafood boil Newark, NJ.
Drinks and Desserts
Go to the dessert section of the menu if you enjoy eating sweet dish after a meal. It contains delightful cheesecake and molten chocolate.
Additionally, Red Crab offers a live bar service. It offers an amazing selection of wines, beers, spirits, juices, soft drinks, cocktails, and more. Additionally, you can alter the beverage to go well with your dinner.
The Experience of Dining
Red Crab's staff provides exceptional service, elevating customers' dining experiences. They see to it that every one of their clients is comfortable. It's because they place the utmost importance on customer service.
In summary, go to Red Crab for a classy meal and a delicious Cajun seafood boil Newark, NJ. This is one restaurant where you will never be let down.
Seabra's Marisqueira
This popular Portuguese seafood restaurant is famous for its colorful ambiance and fresh catch. The restaurant offers a wide selection of traditional Portuguese seafood meals on its extensive menu. This comprises seafood paella, Mozambican shrimp, and grilled sardines. Moreover, the diners enjoy eating on the large outdoor patio or in the restaurant's vibrant dining room.
Spanish Tavern
Spanish Tavern is the place to go if you want real Spanish food with a focus on seafood. This family-run eatery continues to serve delectable seafood even after 30 years. Spanish Tavern has a range of seafood-inspired dishes to satiate your cravings, from flavorful stews to fresh salads. Enjoy their popular seafood paella. It comes hot in a traditional paella pan and packed with clams, mussels, shrimp, and lobster.
Fornos of Spain
It is a famous Spanish restaurant noted for its amazing seafood dishes and opulent setting. The restaurant's extensive menu includes a diverse selection of seafood specialties. This consists of lobster thermidor, seafood paella, and grilled octopus. Diners can enjoy a genuinely remarkable dining experience in the restaurant's lavish dining room.
Adega Grill
This modern Portuguese eatery provides a fresh take on classic seafood dishes. The menu at Adega Grill features creative Portuguese dishes like seafood risotto and grilled branzino. The modern and chic interior of the restaurant makes the ideal setting for enjoying a delectable meal with loved ones. Moreover, do try their special sangria, which is a delightful side to any seafood dish.
In conclusion, there are many excellent seafood restaurants in Newark, NJ, to choose from and a thriving culinary scene overall. These top seafood restaurants in Newark are sure to satisfy your cravings, whether they are for creative seafood dishes, Spanish seafood paella, or Portuguese-style grilled fish.

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